Trying New Products? When, How and Why?



Most of us are a pretty loyal lot.  Once we find a product we love then we tend to stick with it.  But this may mean missing out on some new products, which are perhaps also more effective, and cheaper.

Over the next few blogs we will be looking in some more detail at product ingredients, particularly those to avoid.  Reading the labels of your current products might just make you realise that the answer to the question When? is NOW!

With any new skincare or body care product it’s important that you give it a fair trial period before deciding it may not be right for you.  Obviously any irritation or sensitivity to an ingredient should mean stopping instantly.  Hopefully the product will clearly show the ingredients on the label ( not on the fancy box which you have already thrown away!) so you can try to decide what may have caused the reaction

But on the basis that all is well, then it’s necessary to give the product time to prove its effectiveness.  The time in which you will see any “result” from a new product varies from product to product.  Allow at least one month, as this is the average time it takes for skin cells to turnover.  This should give the product enough time to show any difference in your complexion

With some products however you should see  visible results much sooner.  Changing from a harsh exfoliator which has been stripping your skin of oil, and moving to a more gentle one with non-abrasive grains and moisturising properties ( such as our Camellia and Geranium Gentle Face Scrub  will result instantly in reducing irritation and post cleansing redness.

Its worth remembering that sometimes change can happen so gradually it can be hard to notice.  Hopefully though you will get comments on how much fresher, clearer or brighter your skin is looking from a lovely friend!