Autumn Skincare




As the seasons change and the weather becomes cooler and windier, we need to consider what impact this is having on our skin.  To keep your skin in its best condition its important to follow the following steps

  1. Protect  it as much as possible from extreme temperature changes by using  moisturisers which prevent moisture loss by creating a barrier on your skin.  These will also offer some      protection from eternal factors like cold and wind

2. Drink plenty of water.  You can become dehydrated due to cold and wind just as easily as you can by heat.  Plus central heating is very dehydrating  for the skin and the body.

  1. Use  a humidifier, or just place bowls of water near to radiators, to help      counteract the drying factor that central heating can have on your home      environment, and your skin

4. Protect  your lips by using a balm which contains natural waxes, which will create a barrier against the cold and help prevent chapped dry lips.  Remember that licking your lips doesn’t      help – it can actually make them drier . Our multi award winning Spearmint and Tea Tree Nurture Balm is  packed with vitamin rich plant oils and olive wax, ideal for soothing, moisturising and protecting your lips, and any other dry patches of skin

  1. Avoid cleansers which contain alcohol, as they will dry your skin and can strip it of its natural protective oils

Wrap up warm as the weather coos, and be sure to take care of yourself and your precious skin

Cecilia & Claire  x