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New Year – New You?

shutterstock_145613917Around this time of year there we are inundated with ideas for New Year resolutions, fitness regimes, house transformations, body transformations and countless other programmes designed to make us better, more attractive, more stylish, slimmer, fitter etc.

This all presupposes that we were actually really dissatisfied with who we were before!

My question is – do you really need to be a New You, or is the question really whether there are just a few tweeks to your lifestyle which you could make which might just make you feel generally a little healthier, happier or wealthier

Cecilia, founder of Mary Elizabeth, as well as being a qualified aromatherapist and a lawyer is also a qualified Yoga Teacher and Life Coach (and yes, a bit of a fan of studying  too!) Here  are her top 10 ideas, hopefully all simple and achievable

  1. Ensure that you cleanse your face every evening and moisturise at least once a day using products that aren’t full of SLS and parabens. Natural really is best!
  2.   Think about what you use in the shower and bath too! Bubbles are great – a  long list of chemicals isn’t!
  3. Save a bit of money by making simple  face masks and scrubs at home (have a look at our Pintrest boards for some ideas)
  4. and by cooking at least a few  meals each week from scratch using lots of lovely fresh vegetables
  5. On the subject of money – get in the habit of checking bank statements and credit card statements carefully.  They are sometimes incorrect, and this habit will help keep you aware of exactly how much you spend, and on what
  6. Do not live your life in techie land!  When having a conversation with someone don’t be texting someone else!       Give people time and respect and you will get the same from them
  7. Do at least 15 minutes exercise every day.  Walking the dog and running for the train counts! Yoga is a great practice to start, and 15 minutes a day can make a real difference to your health, wellbeing, fitness and shape.  We will be Pinning some simple routines for you to try
  8. Create a Vision Board of what you  want to achieve during the year. Pin pictures, words and images to a pinboard and place it somewhere you will see it every day. Do at least one thing every day which helps you achieve your Vision
  9. Take a few minutes before you go asleep each evening to think of 5 things that you have enjoyed during the day, or that you are glad to have in your life, and give a silent thanks      for having them  This practice can  be truly transformational
  10. Smile at people in the street for no reason.  It can become      contagious!

Have an amazing 2014 filled with love, laughter and life

Take care

Cecilia & Claire x