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So, what is the purpose of skin?


Your skin isn’t just a useful cover which keeps all your bones, muscles and internal organs in place. It is  actually the largest organ in your body.  Just to highlight a few of the many protective functions your skin serves.

  1. Protects your internal organs from injury and infection and is your primary and most important defense against infections.
  2. Helps eliminate wastes through perspiration.
  3. Assists your immune system by providing a protective barrier to viruses and bad bacteria, thus preventing infections.
  4. Provides a friendly habitat for good bacteria.
  5. Helps maintain body temperature by controlling heat flow between you and your environment.
  6. Seals in moisture, maintaining your body’s delicate fluid balance.
  7. Produces vitamin D, which is crucial for your health.
  8. Sends sensory feedback to your brain because it is rich in receptors, such as hard/soft and hot/cold, so that you can react to dangerous conditions around you.

Your skin is vital to your health, yet many people fail to take care of it. Because your skin has the ability to absorb much of what you put on it, informed choices are critical to optimize your health.

We’ll be thinking about the importance of these choices over the coming months in our blog discussions

Take care

Cecilia and Claire x