@MaryElizabethbc love your products .. They are fab .. Been using them since they arrived ... Thank you Jo Wood @jowoodofficial

Susie White - Guardian Gardening Columnist

30 March 2015

"I've tried several hand creams for My Weekly magazine (and lots of others over the years) and this is my favourite. As a gardener I've tried lots of hand creams after work, and can honestly say that the Juniper and Jojoba cream is absorbed the best, not greasy but leaves hands feeling smooth."

Susie White - Guardian Country Diarist, Member of the Garden Media Guild & the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild and RHS Listed Speaker

  • I Am Fabulicious - Sarah Berryman

    Sunday, 9 November 2014

    Mary Elizabeth is a beautiful, British beauty company that gives you luxury skincare that doesn’t cost the earth. Creators of natural skincare products which are packed full of enriched plant and essential oils, their ingredients are carefully chosen for their skincare benefits. Their products don’t contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS), parabens, parfums, colourants, paraffin wax or petro-chemicals, meaning they are gentle and kind to your skin, just what I love!.


    October 30, 2014

    Mary and Elizabeth is a natural skincare line founded by mother and daughter Cecilia Rathe and Claire Huntley. It’s refreshing to discover a company that lists integrity as one of its main principles. In addition to loving a family founded company, I am always excited to find a new natural skincare provider. In a nutshell I’m...

  • Anoushka Loves - by Anoushka

    November 19, 2014

    Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t heard of Mary Elizabeth Skincare. A skincare range that is not only natural and organic but has a heart warming story behind its creation. The company first launched its products back in June 2012. How have I not come across these before? Mother and Daughter team Cecilia and Claire have created a brand that is not only stylish but natural, effective and sustainable.

  • Womans World - by Zarina de Ruiter

    Friday, 26 September 2014

    As soon as we opened the pot of cream we were hit by the intense soothing floral fragrance, which made us feel like we'd just wandered into a field of wild flowers - a very tranquil experience!... With a beautiful and addictive floral fragrance and great moisturising qualities, this is one product we'll definitely continue using.

  • Stephanie Mulholland, Beauty Review

    "I was lucky enough to try the Mary Elizabeth Spearmint and Tea Tree Nurture Balm and it is just delicious! Packed full of vitamin enriched oils; this multi-purpose balm can be used on your ‘lips, nails, hands, heels – anywhere’. I paid particular attention to my lips and nails and saw results instantly. The balm works to smooth and soothe the skin, be it perfectly healthy or damaged; this is a product for everyone and a true all-rounder. It enriches, moisturises and protects hardworking skin through every season. Mary Elizabeth claims that it also promotes strength and growth in the nails so I am constantly applying it, and have every faith!"


    Recently I’ve been trying out the Camellia and Geranium Gentle Face Scrub from Mary Elizabeth Bodycare. Mary Elizabeth have been going for a few years now making natural skincare products full of vitamin-enriched plant oils and organic essential oils.

    I have tried so many face scrubs over the years which have left my skin feeling raw and very pink (well red really!), that I’m always a tad sceptical when trying out new ones.

  • Alice Hart-Davis

    Hero product? The Frankincense and Rose Moisturiser (£21.50, which contains the two essential oils Cecilia used in the first products she made after being treated for skin cancer.

    I’d try... Difficult to choose but the Juniper and Jojoba Hand Cream (£9.50) is just heavenly — it sinks in right away leaving no residue, and smells reassuringly of Chamomile — and the Spearmint and Tea Tree Nurture Balm (£6.50) is a great all-rounder.

  • Sophia's Choice

    The first thing I love about this range is its simplicity. There is nothing complicated about the range and it could be added to in time with a few more key products without complicating things. I find some skin and bodycare ranges overwhelming and can get lost in which product to choose. Not so with Mary Elizabeth. It’s worth mentioning before I give my thoughts on all four of the products in the range that they were all featured in the FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2013.

  • Strawberry Blonde Beauty

    "Mary Elizabeth skincare is a young, affordable, no-frills natural brand that prides itself on using the purest ingredients. rankincense, Chamomile and Jojoba are just 3 of the pure essential oils in the vitamin enriched formulas, presented in recyclable packaging. I expected to like them; I didn’t expect to be blown away by them... but a couple of these products are now in my ‘best finds since I started blogging list' my skin adores them"..........Frankincense and Rose Moisturiser ............ I defy anyone in possession of a face not to love thee ...........If I wasn’t a fickle beauty blogger who switches skincare like most switch handbags, I’d happily use this every day, forever. Amen.

  • Lady of the Lane

    "Absolutely LOVING these products I was sent to try out from Mary Elizabeth Bodycare."................. Juniper and Jojoba Hand Cream - "Another beautiful product. Jojoba Oil, Calendula Oil, Juniper, Geranium, Chamomile... oh it really is lovely! This is by no means a heavy handcream, but it's certainly moisturising and has become my bedside table handcream of choice, joining the elite products that make part of my bedtime ritual. This is a handcream but you could use it anywhere, I've used it on my rough upper arms with some success."

  • Beauty Balm

    Camellia and Geranium Gentle Face Scrub - "It smells gorgeous! It is a super gentle scrub and leaves my skin super soft and moisturised. Rich in Vitamin A this super-moisturising face scrub is so gentle that it can be used everyday to cleanse and brighten the complexion."

  • Amanda Moss

    Camellia and Geranium Gentle Face Scrub - "After a few days use people commented about my skin asking if I had gone for a facial. I noticed my skin felt slightly tighter and supple."

  • Simply Woman Magazine

    "The “Nuture” range contains two great products – a botanical hand cream with juniper and jojoba – great for after gardening, washing the dishes or just about anything that dries hands out............ zesty Spearmint and Tea Tree Nuture Balm is handy for all handbags and travel kits. Can do lips, nails, heels, body - wherever you can reach really! The spearmint fragrance is lovely and not too strong – it’s a makeup kit hero and an absolute bargain at £6.50 considering all those pure essential oils in it."